Do you pine for the days of MS Paint, but don’t have a Microsoft windows system or don’t want to buy software? You’re in luck! Google has embedded a new app into Chrome browser called “Canvas” for quick doodles without the need for a tablet or Jamboard software. (For example, my district still has Jamboard blocked for users.)

You can start with a new drawing, or pick an image to draw on, then export it as a .PNG file. No software required!

To access:

Perfectly Valid Questions: 

  • This seems nearly identical to the drawing functions built into Google Keep?
  • This also seems identical to the drawing and saving functions as the Jamboard web app?
  • Yet, you can customize the color options endlessly on Canvas, where you can’t on Keep or Jamboard? 
  • Why does Google continue to create six versions of the same app, just to close and cancel and collapse them? 

As of right now, it does not appear to work on their mobile browser version (at least for iOS). Try it out over the holiday, could be great tool for you or your students!