Not sure how long Google Forms has had this capability, but I recently discovered that it will report scores to students broken down into sections, in additional to overall score in the upper right corner.

This was GREAT for giving my students branching options if they wanted to prove “Meets” the standard, or if they wanted to try a few extra questions to Exceed the Standard. If they don’t want to try it just yet, they click “No” and submit the form. If they do, they select “Yes”, and it takes them to the next section. Sometimes it’s the same skill, but with a cold read, other times it’s a DOK 3 question, or a high school sentence stem (I teach 8th grade) to extend their capability.

What made this strategy so successful is that I was able to say “You need at least a 7/9 on Section 1 for ANYTHING in Section 2 to count.” I didn’t have to draw an elaborate flowchart outlining “If this question is right but not this question and if these questions are…” etc. Also, imagine being able to view a students progress by standard (if you break your forms up into one section per standard?) It can allow you to drill down into what students need from you in the moment. Try it out!

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